Michael Shannon

Michael has been redefining the concept of client-centered design with a client-inspired approach, resulting in some of the most remarkable interior spaces in the greater Philadelphia area. Noted for his uncanny ability to quickly discern the qualities that make each client most unique, Michael translates those insights into spaces that are relevant, captivating and comfortable. Trained at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Michael honed his skills at internationally renowned furniture and design companies before starting his own firm in 1997.



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Title: KingPin.

Also Know As: Michael.

Years On The Scene: 38.

Design Aesthetic: Honest, Clean, Comfortable + Sophisticated.

Design Icon: Albert Hadley + Billy Baldwin + Sister Parish.

Design Era: Mid-Century Modern.

Favorite Color: Orange.

Signature Accessory: LV Satchel.

Guilty Pleasure: The Voice / This Is Us.

City or Suburbs: City.

Friday Night: Quiet Dinner + Drinks with Friends.

Cats or Dogs: Are you kidding me!

Couldn’t Live Without: Art and More Art.

Sue Kane

Sue has been an integral part of Michael Shannon Designs since the firm’s inception in 1997. An interior design graduate with more than 35 years’ experience in both administrative and creative roles, Sue has an intimate understanding of the design process and uses that comprehensive knowledge to facilitate smooth and enjoyable client communication as the firms’ administrator.



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Title: Controller.

Also Know As: Susie Q.

Years On The Scene: 35+

Design Aesthetic: Comfy and family friendly.

Design Icon: Carolina Herrera + McGee & Co.

Desktop Background: Cliffs of Moher, 2017.

Tool of Choice: Calculator.

Favorite Team: Philadelphia Eagles … GO BIRDS!

Guilty Pleasure: Peanut M&M.

City or Suburbs: Farm .. Fresh air + flowers.

Friday Night: Thursday is my night!

Cats or Dogs: Grandkitty Winston + Granddoggie Penny.

Coffee Preference: Tea … Hot or Iced.

Current Obsession: Zillow.

Kate Sweeney

With her art background and her love of color and texture, Kate found her path to the materials, finishes and furniture aspects in the field of Interior Design. She has over 40 years of experience examining and evaluating new product releases, and building resource libraries in many design firms. In addition to building and maintaining libraries, Kate has had her own manufacturers representation business for 21 years creating solid relationships bringing new product to designers. All of these experiences make her an invaluable addition to MSD and our design process. Kate has a BFA in Printmaking from Moore College of Art and Design.



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Title: Resource Coordinator.

Design Aesthetic: Clean + Modern.

Design Icon: Hans Wegner.

Desktop Background: Beach.

Tool of Choice: 8″ Chef’s Knife.

Favorite Color: White.

Guilty Pleasure: Dark Chocolate.

City or Suburbs: Beach.

Friday Night: Foreign Film.

Cats or Dogs: All of the above.

Coffee Preference: French Press, Dark.

Current Obsession: Scandinavian Drama.

Couldn’t Live Without: WILL.

Devon Moultrie

With a history in visual and performing arts, Devon has married her interests in both aesthetics and composition to achieve real-life dramatic impact. Devon earned her bachelor’s degree at Philadelphia University while working at MSD. She has a strong understanding for interior architecture which is evident in her work, in which color and texture synergize with the interiors structural elements.



T 215.717.1094 x105


Title: Interior Designer, Not Decorator … There is a difference!

Design Aesthetic: Clean, Contemporary + Iconic.

Design Icon: I can’t pick just one …

Tool of Choice: Papermate – Flair – Medium – Black.

Favorite Color: Colors … Black, White, Grey … and Blue.

Signature Accessory: LV Bag.

Guilty Pleasure: Traveling + Spa Visits.

City or Suburbs: Currently living in the burbs … But definitely a CITY girl.

Friday Night: Lounging on my porch with Hubby + a glass of wine.

Cats or Dogs: Don’t have either currently, but love both.

Coffee Preference: Black.

Favorite Lunch Spot: Sahara Grill.

Couldn’t Live Without: Roman + Sasha.

Current Obsession: Binge watching TV.

Julie Bell

Julie has a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Moore College of Art and Design and a strong passion for material selection and distribution. An estate antique dealer in the family shaped her fondness for antiques from a young age, but she truly appreciates all styles and genres. She utilizes many inspirations to create interiors ranging from clean and minimal to eclectic and collected here at Michael Shannon Designs.



T 215.717.1094 x104


Title: Designer.

Design Aesthetic: Eclectic, classic clean with an edge.

Design Icon: Steven Gambrel.

Desktop Background: Petro Koublis photography.

Tool of Choice: Prismacolor markers.

Website Most Visited: Google.

Favorite Color: Midnight blue.

Guilty Pleasure: French macarons.

City or Suburbs: City.

Cats or Dogs: Cats!

Coffee Preference: Cappuccino.

Current Obsession: Traveling + adventuring.

Favorite Lunch Spot: Salads in the office!


As if one pup wasn’t enough, Ruthie was brought on board at Michael Shannon Designs to help with Jackson’s workload. She’s definitely risen to the occasion and earned her bones. Ruthie credits her tenacity and in-your-face approach to management for keeping the staff on their toes.


Title: Trusty Side Kick

Years on the scene: A dogs age

Pet peeve: Children!

Favorite lunch spot: The curb

Signature accessory: My bark

Guilty pleasure: Pupperoni

Couldn’t live without: My next meal

Bella Vista Residence

This Philadelphia row home may seem typical from the outside—a 12’ wide brick-and-mortar building with one just like it on either side—but open the front door and it’s anything but. Gracefully refined and dignified, this space exudes sophistication yet has an atmosphere as welcoming as the homeowners themselves. The finishes throughout define elegance in our dictionary: rosewood millwork, silk wrapped walls, hand-blocked linen drapery and custom blown glass light fixtures. Inspiration for the palette and overall aesthetic was drawn from many of the clients’ existing pieces of art. Some new additions were added along the way – as Michael will tell you, when it comes to art you can never have too much!